Our Training Philosophy

All our historical research is ploughed back into real-world training. This ensures we maintain a high standard of martial arts and human development. Further, students enjoy purpose and connection to Chinese history and culture, which is so important in practicing Chinese martial arts.

The following is a quick outline that describes our philosophy and training method.

  • The Warrior Heart School must produce warriors comparable to historical standards.
  • The martial arts we teach must be real and effective for the user.
  • Our martial arts practice must be directly connected to history and it must be evidenced through documents, artifacts, photographs, video, and actual physical skills.
  • There are no secrets held in Warrior Heart. All skills are open to everyone. There is, however, a restriction on how fast the information is passed on. This is to ensure high levels of skill are maintained and to stop poachers from extracting key information to use elsewhere.
  • The Warrior Heart curriculum contains dangerous methods handed down from ancient warfare. This knowledge is only for long-time practitioners of our art. We must know the character and intent of anyone learning such material.
  • We use real weapons in training.
  • Not everyone can achieve high standards in Yin Fa 隱法. It is an extreme physical art that requires more than most modern people can handle and we will not compromise the history of the school for profit or promotion.
  • We have a  grading/ranking system that is absolute. That is, one achieves a grade by absolute skill, with little or no subjective opinion involved. For example, a person can throw fei biao (hand-thrown projectiles) with a predetermined accuracy - or they cannot. This method contributes to high standards of transmission.