The School

Zhàn Shì Xīn 戦士心 (Warrior Heart)

The School

The name of Zhàn Shì Xīn 戦士心 translates to English as “Warrior Heart”.

戦士心 – Zhàn Shì Xīn in Mandarin Dialect
戦士心 – Jin Si Sum in Cantonese Dialect

Skill Based

Warrior Heart 戦士心 is a skill based school as compared to form based schools which make up the majority of Chinese Martial Arts organizations today. That means our unarmed skills are tough, real, and done in full contact. Weapons used in the more advanced stages of training are real, and notably, bladed weapons are extremely sharp.

A Brief History 

The Warrior Heart school and research institute was founded in Hong Kong in 1987. The modern structure continues on from a lineage of knowledge handed down from Master Kwan Run Chang to Les Conn and Huang Shao Juan (Noelle). The initial expansion of knowledge - through historical  research - was spearheaded by Les and Noelle Conn with guidance from Master Kwan Run Chang.

By 1999 incubator schools were operating in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. Over the subsequent 10 years, Les and Noelle developed the Warrior Heart child development program which uses ancient stealth training methods to develop children in extraordinary ways.

Due to a government ban on Chinese throwing darts and bladed weapons, the Warrior Heart school moved its training center away from Hong Kong in 2009. Headquarters and historical records remain in Hong Kong while the main training centre is currently situated in South Africa.

"All warfare is based on deception"

- Sun Tzu, The Art of War