Our Research Results

Results Overview

Our multi-discipline, multi-language research has been ongoing since 1987. The following list accounts for our discoveries with written historical evidence and/or archeological evidence supporting them.

Chinese martial arts.

  • We have discovered the Chinese art of stealth, both in historical terms and actual physical art. This has a surprising historical record.
  • We have found the origin of fei biao, lit. 'flying dart', We have sound historical evidence and actual skill of many types.
  • Chin Na is the most misunderstood of all Chinese martial skills. So profound is this point, that it changes the outcome of Chinese martial arts completely.
  • We have found and practiced the 'Old Way of Shaolin'. It is completely different from today's Shaolin. The historical record is surprising in many ways.
  • We have uncovered the origin and evolution of most Chinese martial arts weapons, and even more importantly, why they are like they are.
  • Shaolin Kung Fu originates in China, not from Indian monks. Not our discovery but our work supports the same result.
  • We found evidence of the Chinese art of stealth being used in overseas settlements such as San Francisco post-1800 and South Africa post-1700.


  • We have discovered the Chinese origin of the Japanese ninja and their art of war.
  • We have traced the origin of Japanese shuriken to China and have knowledge of the oldest shuriken in Japan today. They are older than you imagine.
  • We have uncovered the historical origins of Karate, Kobudo, and Sumo. They are not what is being portrayed today.


  • We have found the origins of Silat and their weapons.
  • We know the origins of Vietnamese arts and their weapons.
  • We have knowledge of the origins of Thai weapons traditions.