About Us

Leslie Conn is a martial arts master and scholar. Born in 1961 in Zimbabwe, Les began studying Martial Arts in 1972. In 1987 Les moved to Hong Kong where he ultimately completed a formal twenty year closed door apprenticeship under the renowned Master, Kwan Run Chang. Being deeply fascinated with China's military history Les began a lifelong journey of research and revival of lost techniques of the Chinese Martial Arts. His passion was Yin Fa 隱法, the Chinese Warrior Art of Stealth.
For a podcast on Les' martial journey please follow this link.

Huang Shao Juan (Noelle) is a martial arts master, yoga teacher, and scholar. Born in 1966 in Hong Kong, Noelle grew up with Northern Chinese martial arts as a staple. Noelle too, went on to complete a formal twenty year closed door apprenticeship under Master, Kwan Run Chang. Noelle has since spent her career developing children's Martial Arts training by moving it away from the tedious slog of the past and turning it into a fun and rewarding activity that really changes lives.

Onyx was born in 2010 in Hong Kong to Les and Noelle Conn. She has been learning Yin Fa since she began to walk. To date, her warrior arts have progressed beyond all expectation. Onyx will be the first person in the last 100 years, to be brought up entirely in this Art and way-of-life.

In 1987 Les and Noelle opened the Warrior Heart 戦士心 school in Hong Kong. The goal was to see the old "closed door" method changed into a vibrant new presentation of Chinese Martial Arts, while still maintaining the power and integrity of the tradition. The new presentation of the school caused a stir and Warrior Heart saw great strides in the early years. Schools opened up in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and later in South Africa.

Their historical Chinese martial arts research began in 1987. The team immediately traveled the newly opened China in search of old martial arts manuscripts that had been worthless during the cultural revolution. Today, it is possibly the largest private collection of such material in the world. Dubbed "The Warrior Heart record", the collection includes many books and personal manuscripts ranging from Ming period military tactics, down to the humble notes made by Chinese Martial Arts Masters of the time.

While scouring the old manuscripts found in mainland China, the team discovered unusual methods used to develop children through specialist Martial Arts training of the Ye Ban Tou 夜半偷 - the "Ninja" of China. With this concept at the core - and Noelle's skill working with children - the team founded the Warrior Heart Child Development Program in 1992. The program develops children in extraordinary ways and remains a resounding success!

In 2010 Master Kwan Run Chang passed away leaving his lineage documents to Huang Shao Juan and Les Conn. They are now the 7th generation Masters in an unbroken line of knowledge that has a written record stretching back to 1820 and a verbal tradition spanning around a thousand years. Under their guidance, Zhàn Shì Xīn 戦士心 (Warrior Heart) is now a successful Martial Arts Training and Research School.