A Tribute to the Ye Bu Shou 夜不收 on the Great Wall

The great wall inscription chiselled into stone.

The inscription in the above picture was chiselled into the stone on the Great Wall in Liaoning province, China. The Ye Bu Shou were so respected for their brave, selfless sacrifice that someone felt it necessary to leave it in stone for future generations. The wording includes a date in the Ming period with a place name. The carving of “Ye Bu Shou 夜不收” is what makes this site important, as it adds more evidence to the the big picture.

The Inscription

嘉靖二十四年五月一日 夜不收官千户赵世清
哨至境外 地名 烂泥凹 离堡 三十里
炕儿峪堡 该班 夜不收 郭延中 等六名

Carved by the stonemason Xie Jin, May 1st, 24th Year of Jia Jing period, (1545). A unit of 6 Ye Bu Shou under the command of Zhao Shi Qing 赵世清 left their fortress at Kang Er Yubao 炕儿峪堡 and went out across the border to Làn Ní depression. They were 30 li (distance measurement) inside enemy territory .

Notes: It seems, the stonemason was authorised by the commander to record this expedition force and in doing so recognise all Ye Bu Shou who served secretly and without recognition. A rare find for researchers of such a secret unit!

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