The Ye Bu Shou 夜不收 Mentioned in the Wu Bei Zhi 武備志

The Wu Bei Zhi 武備志 is one of the most significant of Chinese Military Treatises. In this voluminous work of the Ming period, we find the elite night forces of the Ye Bu Shou 夜不收 mentioned a total of eight times. There is quite a bit of information in print considering the level of secrecy to which the Ye Bu Shou 夜不收 were afforded.

The Wu Bei Zhi 武備志 pages are a significant reference point considering we propose the Ye Bu Shou may have had a working connection with Japanese Ninja.

Below is an example page referencing the Ye Bu Shou 夜不收; 1

  1. Máo Yuányí 茅元儀, Wu Bei Zhi 武備志, scroll 64 – P 67, China, 1594–1640?
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