Fundamentals of Unarmed Combat in Yin Fa 隱法

Noelle practicing with Suyash 2018

Fighting skills of Yin Fa are divided into two categories (as are most Chinese Martial Arts). That is; armed and unarmed combat. This article refers to unarmed combat skills only.

The following are the 4 fundamental skill sets used in the unarmed combat method of Yin Fa 隱法:-

  • Ti (踢)- Kicking and other leg skills.
  • Da (打) – Fist, limb, head, shoulder (and other) striking.
  • Shuai (摔) – Throwing the opponents body to the floor in various ways.
  • Na (拿) – “Capture and hold”. Often called joint locking, this common perception of “joint locking” has mislead martial artists to the point of being unable to understand all Chinese Martial Arts strategy. One could say a secret lies in the true understanding of Na (拿). If one understands Na (拿) then all of Yin Fa 隱法 unarmed Martial Arts will work. Without it, or with incorrect understanding, nothing works.

The above skills are taught in order; Ti, Da, Shuai, and Na. After that a formula or pattern is presented to the exponent to use the basics thus;

  1. Evade/Defend
  2. Counter/catch
  3. Immobilise

So the exponent first evades and/or defends the attacking limb or weapon (either one first). He then counter strikes AND catches the attacking limb or weapon (in any order but generally does both). Finally he throws or takes down the opponent to the ground in an immobilising action. Then the exponent will pin the opponent to the ground, break a limb, or render the attacker unconscious. In a historical context death was a common outcome.

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