Shùhè 裋褐

The Shùhè 裋褐 is the traditional Han Chinese working class clothing of the Northern region of China. It is pronounced Shùhè in Mandarin Dialect and Su Hot in the Cantonese dialect. The wording directly translates as follows:-

裋 Shù  – Course clothing of camel’s hair
褐 Hè  – Brown/ Grey or dark colour/ course hemp cloth

This style of clothing has been worn by the Han Chinese people for thousands of years. The military wore Shuhe up to about 1650 AD. The Buddhist and Taoist temples kept using the clothing all through the Qing Dynasty and continue to use them today. The fact is; Shuhe has been common clothing worn by all working class people for millennia.

At times, the Midnight Thief would wear a reversible Shuhe. Black when worn inside out, and another color for normal appearances. This made escape in crowded areas a simple task after transitioning from stealth to hide in plain sight mode.


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